Thursday, 24 March 2011


A note from Joelle...

If you have seen my 'FebGirl's Shopping List section on my blog, then you would have seen a link to a gorgeous boutique called YAYER. I first found this online store last year when I was seriously in search of a summer playsuit. Any thankfully I found YAYER - it was a surprise to find all these vintage and modern treasures for such amazing prices, as vintage clothes can really cost a fortune!
I was also happy about the diverse range of clothing that YAYER has to offer: from oversized knitted jumpers to vintage golden bumbags - the store has really outdone itself (and in my opinion should open more boutiques around the UK!)
From just visiting the site, you can really see how each piece must have been picked out carefully and thoughtfully as every product seems to have some sort of story or history. I feel that each piece is just waiting for someone to reinterpret it their own way.
Star Gazer Flutter Dress

Chino Pleat Short £24.00

Black Sheer Fringe Top

Burnt Gold Oversized Shirt


I decided to style my YAYER playsuit with a brown woven style belt and a vintage gold pocket watch necklace and a simple black cardigan to make it as Hippie/tribal chic as possible.
This is a YAYER floral playsuit worn by me whilst on stage during 'Hair' the Musical Sept '10
If you haven't already check out YAYER's brilliant website DO IT NOW!! YAYER 

Also remember to check out @yayershop and for much, much more!


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