Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter!!!!! (forgot to publish yesterday)

A note from Joelle...

Hi there!
How has everyone been? Mine have been rather chilled out, but still rather busy. Today is Easter Sunday of course, and I took a lovely trip down to the Dominion Theatre, London (Where We Will Rock You is performed) and went to the Hillsong Church celebration. If you are totally crazy and have not heard of Hillsong, it is a very modern church that has a following of well over 5,000 people! The songs we sing are not the traditional church hymns, but up tempo rock music and a live band performs at every service.
Today was a special service as all of the Hillsong Churches across England and Europe came together to celebrate Easter with a spectacular show featuring some of Hillsong’s talented dancers, singers, musician, etc. It was truly breathtaking and I loved every minute of it!
To find more about the fabulous place that is Hillsong click HERE.
After the service, we joined other Hillsong teens in Russell Square Park for pizza and a good chat J
When I got home, I chowed down on a lovely lamb roast and then helped myself to a giant galaxy Easter egg.   My healthy eating plan is definitely down the toilet!
I am now brainstorming some more ideas for my blog and making some Polyvore fashion collages, whilst watching ‘Kick Ass’ on DVD. Aaron Johnson’s acting and American accent is truly amazing.
PS. If you have been living under a rock for the past five months, you probably would not know that Prince William of Wales is getting married to the beautiful Catherine Middleton on the 29th of April! This means that us lucky Brits get this Friday off as a bank holiday and then another one on Monday for Mayday! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
I know I am only 17 and have never even met Will or Kate, (although I missed them by about 30 minutes when they visited the Abbey a few months back) I really do wish them all the best and know for a fact that they will have a brilliant life and journey ahead of them! (Plus, they are going to have the most adorable babies ever!)
How was your Easter break? Let me know all about it by leaving a comment below!! J
Stay royally fabulous this week!


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