Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eurovision 2011

A note from Joelle...
If you are are a HUGE nerd like me, then you would know that the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is going to commence in just under half an hour!
If you don't know what the Eurovision is, it's a huge singing contest that takes place somewhere in Europe every year. About 20 European countries compete and can basically be as crazy and as wacky as they like! (Check out Jedward for Ireland)
Last year's one held in Norway was brilliant and Germany's Lena won it!
My favourite acts however were Cyprus, Belgium, France, Greece and Turkey :)
This year, pop band Blue are representing the UK and I actually think that they can win it for us this year with their song 'I Can'. They will have to face off competition from Estonia, Sweden, Hungary and France, as I think they will be in the 5!
I know that I'm rambling on a bit but - seriously, the guy representing Sweden is actually BEAUTIFUL. He's quite famous in Sweden and goes by the name Eric Saade. He is actually a really good singer and even read out Sweden's results for the Eurovision Final last year. If the UK does not win, the he should :)
Sweden's Eric Saade

If you are European and are reading this: PLEASE VOTE FOR THE UK!! That would be nice hehe :)
I really do hope that the UK place well tonight as we either come last or second to last! 
Apologies for this really random blog post!
Will you be watching tonight? Let me know :)


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