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MINT Polo in the Park 3/06/2011

A note from Joelle...

Friday was a truly amazing day. Myself and three of my best friends whet to the MINT Polo in Hurlingham Park, Fulham. It was a three day event, which saw 6 polo teams (London, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, New York, Sydney and Buenos Aires) go head-to-head to win the trophy on the final day.
My friends and I had never been to a big social event like this before, but I think we dressed pretty well and behaved accordingly! The sun was shining and the summer fashion was out in full swing - maxi dresses, neon and pastel colours and  wedges were the main trends. 
Denim jackets worn over dresses were also on trend - casual yet still sophisticated.
Even some of the 'Made in Chelsea' cast went along on Saturday!
I discovered many new things from the Mint Polo Event:
#001 - The mini tornaments in a polo match is called a 'chukka'
#002 - It is tradition for the female spectators to 'tread the divots' during the match breaks (this is done in high heels!)
#003 - Harrods food court pizza is delicious
#004 - Each polo player had four horses each to use! That mean a total of  76 horses were used over the three days (and well looked after!)
#005 - A polo ball is very hard and you do not want to get hit with one! There were a few close calls during the event!

I wore a bargain coral maxi dress, shades from h and m and turquoise accessories from Accessorize

The Cup!!


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