Monday, 12 September 2011

New season

A note from Joelle...
I promise to do a fashion related post soon!!!!
I started Upper 6th (Year 13) of college today, which basically means that I'm in my final year of education before university.
My college timetable is shorter but the hours are going to be much longer as I am going to work really, really hard to get good grades. Last year I didn't really have much confidence academically and mentally to really try my best - but everything has changed now.
Getting a place at uni is going to be very challenging this year as I will be competing with people who did not get a place this year (about 100,000 students) so I'm going all out.

This week I heard someone say : "Fail to prepare or prepare to fail" and that really stuck in my mind because I never really prepare (well) for anything.
But like I said, it's a new season and I've got a good feeling about this year :)
It sounds cheesy but... THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!!
How has everyone been? Liking Autumn (Fall) already?
Keep it real,


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