Friday, 13 January 2012

Peter Pan Collar Necklaces

A note from Joelle...

So we all know that dressed and tops that have the  Peter Pan collars are on trend this season and are really elegant. But what is you buy a top/dress and it would look great with a collar?? HAVE NO FEAR, because the geniuses at Dolly Bow Bow have found the perfect solution...
These necklaces are £10 each (bargain!) and will fit any dress/top with a circular neckline. These two from Dolly Bow Bow are so adorable because of their unique shimmer!
As you can see below, you just wear it as a normal necklace and adjust the chain to fit the dress/top accordingly.
It is also possible to buy lace and ribbon Peter Pan collar necklaces from places such as eBay if you prefer those materials.

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