Saturday, 21 January 2012

Self-confessed FURgin!

A note from Joelle...
OK the title was a really bad pun, but you know what I mean! I would like to know if anyone out there sometimes feel too scared to wear fur (eg coats, hats, scarves, etc.)?
I have often put off buying really beautiful fur clothes (faux of course) just in case they look trashy or in case the fur looks too real! I know it's crazy, but when the snow starts this year I am going to be much braver, look fabulous and put an end to being a FURgin! 
Here are some of my favourite ASOS furry clothes!
ASOS Faux Fur Lapel CollarASOS Faux Fur Duffle Coat With HoodASOS Leather and Faux Fur GlovesALDO Peasnall faux fur wedge ankle bootASOS Faux Fur Cossack HatASOS Faux Fur Snood



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