Thursday, 26 January 2012

What's In My Bag?

A note from Joelle...
I have seen so many blog post doing the 'What;s in My Bag?' feature and I think it's time for FebruaryGirl to have and go!
This is my bag (much cheaper version of the 'Alexa' Mulberry satchel) £30 brand new from eBay!

  1. Umbrella - a necessity as I live in the UK
  2. Water - I always have a fresh bottle of water in my bag, as I'm always trying to be super healthy this year.
  3. Polo mints - I can get through about a pack a day. Not good.
  4. Galaxy chocolate - I am actually going to put this in a cake for my family, so I'm not being a fatty right?
  5. Belvita breakfast biscuits - good for an on-the-go snack
  6. Gloves - it's Winter, from H&M
  7. 'The Way I see It' (Alan Sugar's book) - A hilarious book that gives you a real insight into the world of Lord Sugar
  8. Miniature Eiffel Tower -Yes, I do keep this in my bag. It sort of reminds me to 'DREAM BIG!'
  9. Pen and pink note pad - from Staples, for little scribbles and doodles
  10. Phone and earphones - I honestly don't like my phone. Hopefully switching to another very soon!
  11. Anna Smith purse - the contents is rather dismal
  12. Double mirror - from H&M
  13. E.L.F eyebrow wand - Does wanders for eyelashes!
  14. E.L.F makeup-setting mist - genius invention, my foundation stays on for longer!
  15. E.L.F rose tint lip balm - better than Vaseline!!!
  16. Cuticle pusher - whenever I'm in the mood to casually push my cuticles
  17. Rimmel mascara - really good mascara as it makes my boring lashes more 3D
  18. Beaded bracelet - Xmas present from my cousin and I love it!
*That's right, I carry more food than makeup! :)


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