Tuesday, 27 March 2012

15 Things About Me!

A note from Joelle...

Hey Guys! I would love to do the '15 Things About Me' tag and I 'tag' all of you to do the same! :) Be warned - this is going to be random.
  1. My natural hair colour is copper red/light brown. I wear a black weave because my natural hair does not match my skin tone well.
  2. I am a proud left-hander
  3. I would love to play the marimba one day
  4. I like to thing that I can walk in heels, but I really can't
  5. It is a dream of mine to travel around South America
  6. I am trying (and currently failing) to be a pescatarian 
  7. I have a really good memory
  8. I have a very large collection of shoes and bags (will be selling some soon on my boutique, so watch this space!)
  9. Despite being dark-skinned, I tan very easily
  10. I am a teeny-bit in love with Eddie Redmayne and all of Il Volo
  11. I am a theatre nerd and burst out into show tunes a lot!
  12. I'm quite notorious for talking (and giving a critique) through every film that I watch
  13. Music snobs and 'one genre' people annoy me 
  14. The best present anyone couls get me is my own barbershop quartet that follows me around for the day setting my daily routine to music!
  15. I am a determined bargain hunter when I go shopping
That's it guys! That was really random, but fun to do! I TAG ALL OF YOU to come up with 15 things about yourself!!! 


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