Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Earring Cuffs: YAY or NAY?

A note from Joelle...

OK, I am really obsessed with earring  cuffs at the moment. I bought one before my birthday after seeing a girl in one of my classes wearing one. I searched all over the internet to find out what they were called ( I thought they were called earring chains/necklaces!!) and then bought a brand new one from eBay.
I have seen many variations of earring cuffs: some that just curl around your ear (no piercing necessary)  and than  
You can just make out my cuff on my left ear!
Please ignore my awful face in this photo!
My cuff has a 'peace' sign at the stud and then a simple chain and cuff at the top top my ear.
My cuff is from eBay

'So where can I get one?', I hear you ask. Have a look below at a varied selection of cuff that I have found on the  Topshop UK website! :)
Feather Tassel Ear Cuff
Topshop  -£8.50
Spike Drape Ear Cuff
Topshop - £7.50 (also available in silver)
Cone Ear Cuff
Topshop - £6.50
Swirl Long Drop Earrings
Topshop - £10.00
Cross Cuff Earrings Pack
Topshop - £5.00

Cascade Spike Earcuff Earring
Topshop - £14.00

So what do you think about earring cuff'chains? YAY or NAY? Leave a comment below to let me know!


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