Saturday, 28 April 2012

Adventures in Sicily

A note from Joelle...
As I mentioned about a month ago, I went to Sicily on a school trip (oh, the glamorous life of a geography student!). Here are a few photos from my time in Sicily!
We spent the week climbing craters of Mount Etna, pizza making, island hopping on a mini cruise, lazing around on beaches, soaking up the Sicilian history and of course... SHOPPING! I have to admit that most of my money went on food rather than clothes/jewellery though!
*Quick fact: We went up Mt Etna... and then it erupted!!!
Here are a few photos from my time in Sicily!
View from the beach in Guardini Naxos
Siciliano Pizza (anchovies and olives)

Island of Lipari

Greek stadium ruins

Volcanic island of Lipari

Market in Taormina

Gelato shop! I had hazelnut flavour!

Amazing view of Etna from the beach by our hotel
Me enjoying my icecream

Beautiful street art
Gorgeous Sicilian Baroque print scarves
Mount Etna erupting (We got down from there just in time!)
**These photos are all from my camera and feel free to pin them!
If you would like to know anything about the trip, let me know! :)


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