Saturday, 21 April 2012

British Countryside Style: On A Budget

A note from Joelle...
As I live in a rural area of Surrey (with fields, farms, barns, hedgehogs and horses and all that) I have realised that some girls in my area dress in a particular way. I know what you are thinking: British tweed and shiny riding boots, but there is more to it than that- I promise!

Here is my take on this look. I keep it 'prim and proper' with this old-school cropped duffel coat (Peacocks) and deer animal print blouse (Matalan). But, then I make it more modern with my bottom-studded leather tote( boutique from eBay), platform Chelsea ankle boots (boutique from eBay) and plain matte black leggings (Primark).
*Sorry about the camera quality!

I love 'prim and proper look' at the moment even though it's not really a Springtime trend. This style can be worn throughout the year as most of the coats or gilets are waterproof ( ideal for the British countryside anyway).
What is also great about this look is that you don't have to spend loads of money to fit in to this style. It's more about pre-loved (second hand vintage) clothing as well! I am really glad that us Brits have re-discovered vintage clothing and have embraced pre-loved clothing once more! I guess, many people think that wearing second-hand clothing has connotations with poverty and neediness, but there are so many hidden gems and I dare you to go and pick out something in your local pre-loved (charity shop) store.
I always think of it like this: all pieces of pre-loved 
clothing have a story to tell. You are continuing that story by purchasing it, customising it, wearing it and giving it a new life/identity!

Here are some gorgeous items that I found on the wonderful Friendly Fashion site! The site is all about giving pre-loved clothing a chance and sellers (like myself) offer bargain vintage and 'only-worn-once' pieced that you probably can't find anywhere else! So have a look and grab some excellent bargains! :)

Stack Heel Western Boots Also, some items from online bargain store, Select Clothing!

Navy Quilted Gilet
Navy Quilted Gilet
Select Clothing - £10
Stack Heel Western Boots
Select clothing - £18

Chain Mail Chiffon Scarf
Chain Mail Chiffon Scarf 
Select Clothing - £3
So what do you think of this Classic British Countryside look? Let me know! :)


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