Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Question Wednesday: Eyes!

A note from Joelle...
I am very happy that this week's 'Question Wednesday' is about EYES! In my opinion, every one has great eyes! 
If you would like to take part in Question Wednesday, please check out Nikki's Blog for all the details! :)
Makeup Ideas / kind of reminds me of a peacock
1. What colour are your eyes & if you could choose what color they were what color would that be?
My eyes are dark brown, but I would not mind a lighter brown or even hazel. With that said, I am blessed with my lovely dark brown shade!
2. Bold eyeliner, Light eyeliner, or no eyeliner?
When I was an early teen, I really couldn't do make up and thought that the more eye dark junk you put on, the better. I would use thick black liquid eyeliner on the eyelids and then weird neon blue/green on the bottom lashes!  Boy was I a mess! I now tend to experiment with eyeliners and have lots of colours. 
3. What is your go to eye look?
Lots of good quality mascara, eyelash curler (before applying mascara), faint black eyeliner on eyelids, warm shimmery 
4. What brand makes your favourite eyeshadows?
I'm not as into eye shadows as I was a few years ago, so I don't have any modern or even branded ones. I do have a lot of pallets though and will try the Urban Decay range soon.
5. What are your must have eye products?
Elizabeth Arden Night Cream (life saver product!), Rimmel masascara, ELF Eyelash/brow wand ( to get out all the nasty mascara clumps) and Boots eye soothing gel.


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