Thursday, 5 April 2012

Question Wednesday! from Nykki's Mane Blog

A note from Joelle...

OK ignore my last post. I just couldn't stay away from writing new posts! I was supposed to upload this post yesterday, but being Joelle, I completely forgot.
Thanks to Nikki's Mane Blog , I have found a great way to find out more about other bloggers with her weekly 'Question Wednesday' feature. All you have to do is answer the weekly questions that are selected and then upload a link to her site to share with everyone!
I am new to this, but I hope you enjoy and get to know me a bit better! Here it goes...


1. Current Obsession:
Just like Nykki, I am currently obsessed with nail polish. I am always finding new nail art pattern and nail polishes and can't get enough of it! Some nail polished that I ordered online have just arrived for me today! 
2. Current Favourite Fragrance:
I love Floris Sirena! It has a absolutely beautiful scent and I love the bottle shape.
3. Current Favourite Book:
I am currently reading 'The Legacy' by Katherine Webb. It's a really powerful book and focuses on hard-hitting subjects like family issues and depression. It is written in modern day but has 'flash-backs' to childhood memories. I don't want to finish reading it!
4. Current Favourite Song:
I am in love with a new teen Welsh singer called Jodie Marie. Her style is so laid back and has a real late 1960's folk feel to it. I have her song 'Single Blank Canvas' on repeat. Make sure to check it out, the vintage-style video is great too!
5. Current Favourite Spring Trend:
I LOVE pastel colours. The thing is, I actually don't own many clothes in those colours as I haven't done my spring shopping yet :(. I also love the cobalt blue and cosmic/galaxy clothing and nail trends. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this!




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