Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jenny Packham: Timeless Glamour

A note from Joelle...
OK, so I was at the bus stop in town getting ready to go home from college and there it was... A stunning 1920s flapper wedding dress standing in the window of a wedding dress boutique. I honestly fell in love with it and needed to know who the designer was ASAP.
You guys probably don't know that I am rather good at sourcing out information with little leads so I found the designer and the name of the dress quite quickly.
Jenny Packham. I had never actually heard of this label but many A-list celebs seem to be really into her designs - including the Duchess of Cambridge (K Mid)!
As much as I love the current trends of pastels, collared shirts and cosmic print, I have never stopped loving 1920s old Hollywood  flapper style dresses and accessories - So Jenny Packham designs are perfect!
I wish I was getting married because the first (and probably only) designer I would look at would be Jenny Packham! It's true love!

Feather Bridal HeaddressCadeaux Bridal NecklaceAcacia Bridal Headdress II Silver


Very Pride & Prejudice-esque!




My favourite JP dress at the moment!


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