Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Question Wednesday: Spring Edition!

A note from Joelle...

1. What is your favourite season and why?
Summer and Autumn are my favourite seasons. I live in England so the weather changes so much and is pretty unreliable, but Summer over here is always good and I love Autumn because it's so festive (Guy Fawkes Night, fireworks, Halloween, etc.) and the build-up to Christmas is the best feeling. It's always cosy in Autumn months and the fashion is great!
2. What is your favourite flower?
I love tulips and fuchsias - the colours are unreal!
3. What is the current trend that you love, but haven't or wouldn't try? (if you are fearless, what is one that you have tried and loved)
Galaxy/Cosmic print - I would just look silly. 
4. How would you spend an ideal spring day?
I would love to go for a picnic on the downs or somewhere beautiful. I really loving finding cute bakeries and cafes in London and Surrey as well, so sitting there with a cup of Early Grey and a book is perfect..
5. What do you love most about the spring months?
This might sound weird, but, the breeze. There really is nothing like the British Spring breeze as it's so refreshing (and very cold!) I love the flowers too!



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