Sunday, 6 May 2012

Summer Fruits Eton Mess Victoria Sponge Cake

A note from Joelle...

What a long title! But this is exactly what it is. It was my little sister's 13th birthday this week and to celebrate, I made her this! She had to wait until she came back from school before she got to eat it though!
For all you Non-Brits out there, Eton Mess is a traditional British dessert made with whipped cream, fresh summer fruits and meringue, all mixed together (hence the mess!). It was called Eton Mess because some guy accidentally sat on his pavlova dessert during the famous Eton College 4th of July picnic - thus Eton Mess was born!
Now, the Victoria Sandwich cake is basically two sponge cakes sandwiched  together with cream and jam in the middle, and is a favourite for a lot of us Brits as a special treat.
It tasted delicious and the look on my sisters face when I showed her the completed cake was priceless :').
So, here is how you make it!

Ingredients: *I blind bake, so I never put the measurements down in my recipes (sorry!)
Butter/Margarine, Caster sugar, 3 Eggs, Self raising flour, Milk, Raspberries, Strawberries, Meringue, Double or whipped cream, Vanilla extract, Baking powder

The sponge cake (* Remember to double this recipe as you are making two cakes!)

1. Whisk together butter and sugar

2. Add in the vanilla and eggs

3.When smooth, gently fold in the flour and baking powder

4.a splash of milk to loosen and aerate the mixture a bit
5.Pour half of the mixture into two individual cake tins of similar size and bake for 40mins at 180 degrees.

For the inner and outer filling

6. Spread jam (I used raspberry) over the top of one of the sponge cake. This should be the cake with the flattest top.

7. Whisk 1 pot of double cream until thick. Add sugar and vanilla extract and whisk again for a few seconds.

8. Spread on top of the jam and set aside ( It does not matter if it looks messy because it won't be seen!)

9. Then chop some fresh strawberries and add to the top of the cream

10. Get the other sponge cake and place it on top of the filling to create the sandwich cake
11. Then get the other sponge cake and cut a central circle in in middle ( make sure the hole does not go through the cake) and scoop out the sponge inside the circle, but not going too deep!
12. Mix together the remaining double cream, crushed meringue and pour it into the hole. 

13. Decorate with the remaining berries around the the edge of the cake and also on the top!
Et voilà! 


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