Saturday, 16 June 2012

No. 7 Treats

A note from Joelle...
I realised that I never do beauty reviews on my blog, but this is all about to change! I bought these three No.7 products with the £5 off voucher and it was a total bargain! The original prices are below.
1) £7
2) £12
3) £8
1) The purifying exfoliator did wonders to my skin. It deeply cleansed my skin and got rid of most of the dead skin cells. The exfoliating grit in the gel was a teeny bit harsh on my sensitive skin, but I just used my hands to rub in it instead of a facial brush. I found out that it works better when you apply it after washing your face with warm/hot water, as it opens up your pores, meaning that the exfoliator can deeply cleanse your face.

2) The hot Cloth Cleanser is like a silky foam that you pump out of the bottle. It feels almost too soft and silky on the face, therefore I didn't know if it was doing anything to my face and also whether I was using it correctly. The bottle size in HUGE and will last me a good four months (or even more!).
To this day, I am still not sure what a hot cloth cleanser is, but it does smell great and leaves your skin really smooth.

3) There are tiny micro granules in this that exfoliate the skin very well and get into the tricky areas such as around the nose and below the eyes without abrasion. I had to put a very thick layer on my face in order for it to exfoliate well, however. With that said, I still recommend it for people that have sensitive skin but still want to use a good exfoliator!



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