Sunday, 3 June 2012

Painting The Town Red, White And Blue

A note from Joelle...

Ah, the Diamond Jubilee atmosphere is upon us! From bunting and beer, to Pimms and pies - I love when the country comes together to celebrate Britishness and The Queen! 
It is as if we stop seeing what makes us so divided as a nation and see what makes us the same and have a good party (even if it's only for a few days). 
Because the truth is... many of us cease to realise how awesome the UK is! I think it's great that there are 4 countries within the UK -  England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These 4 countries are great because we are fortunate to have more than one language, different foods and cultures + traditions, but we can all wave the Union Jack with pride! 
*I feel some patriotic fanfare music should be playing right now!

I think I've spiralled off a bit - this was supposed to be a nail polish post! HAHA! OK, so I tried to do Union Jack nail art but it failed as my hands we not steady enough! So I opted for the colours of the flag instead - red( ELF Velvet Red), white (Saffron London) and blue (Glo, Baby, Glo! UV) 
I then went over each nail with the ELF matte finisher (brilliant stuff) to get rid of the sheen. I love the effect!

Left hand
Right hand

I hope you are enjoying the Jubilee weekend and the bank holidays! 



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