Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Style File #3: Eddie Redmayne

A note from Joelle...
Oh. My. No words can describe how wonderful Eddie Redmayne is as an actor and as a total beauty. He has the classic school-boy freckles, hair quiff and general lankiness, but he is actually 30 years old (31 as of Jan 2013)! I was led to believe that he was in his early twenties.
As well as film acting, he is no stranger to the theatre stage, starring in 'Red' and 'Richard II' in the West End a while back. 
His devout fans are called the Redmayniacs (quite clever really) and have made this website that helped me find pictures for this post - so thank you ladies!
You might have seen him in films such as 'My Week With Marilyn', BBC's 'Tess Of The D'Urbervelles' and 'Hick' (with Chole Moretz). 
You will be able to see him in Tom Hooper's 'Les Miserables' as Marius when it comes out at Christmas. I am so very excited to hear everyone sing!
This year, he was the front-man of the 2012 Burberry campaign with Cara Delevingne and can still be seen on billboards all over the world!
I don't usually do posts about male fashion, but today I am making an exception because Mr Redmayne is just too beautiful (and stylish) to ignore.
*Not really sure why Eddie is holding a mug in this picture...
So, what is his signature style? Well after reading and viewing a lot of articles and photos, I noticed that he goes for really cable knit jumpers/cardigans with blazers or casual suit-jackets over the top in the colder season - but the odd (but brilliant) thing is his shoes! He often turns up to events with really damaged, battered leather shoes. Why is this? I have no idea why he does his, but it kind of works to give him a sort of 'rough diamond' not-totally-perfect look.
I can also tell that he is partial to a good winter scarf (but no other accessories), worn-out jeans and unbuttoned shirts - not bad!
I do have to say that after doing a bit of research, I thought that his fashion from 2007-2010 was, errr, interesting. It was mainly ill-fitting jeans and dodgy cropped leather jackets that looked pretty horrendous. Sorry EdRedz (whoa, I just made up the worst nickname ever).
Chris Bailey (Burberry legend) has done a great job with styling Eddie for the past few years always helps to make him look sharp and just totally wonderful on the red carpet. Eddie also stated in a recent interview that he also loves the work of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (the designer behind the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown).
Here is how to steal his style for your man/brother/dad, etc.:

Overall, Eddie Redmayne seems like a top guy and a great 'Fashionisto' (I've created a new word!).  May he continue to grace us with his lovely acting and style for many years to come! 2012 will be his true breakout year, not only as an actor, but as a British style icon!


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