Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lana Del Rey: The New Face Of H&M

Lana Del Rey New Becomes Face of H&M Campaign

A note from Joelle...
If you read my tweets for (very) early this morning, you would have felt my excitement at the announcement that Lana Del Rey will lead the Autumn campaign for H&M. I have been a huge H&M fan, and this news has got every fashionista all giddy!
I have to admit that I expected Lana to steer more towards the Topshop route as her retro 'vintage hipster' fits in a bit more with that brand. But That's just a thought.
I know that she will be a great ambassador for the Autumn H&M campaign and I look forward to seeing the collection!
Lana in a pink Angora Jumper


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