Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Wavy Jewellery Wishlist!

A note from Joelle...
As you all probably know by now, I LOVE vintage, handmade jewellery. Not only because of the bargain prices and excellent quality, but also because of the love and care taken to make all the pieces!
I first heard of 'Wavy Jewellery about a month ago when I was browsing my twitter for jewellery inspiration. Make sure to tweet Kate @WavyJewellery. She is really lovely!
1) Light Blue Peace Bracelet: How cute is this! It reminds me of those wonderful bracelets that you buy on an exotic holiday and are meant to bring you good luck. I love the 'peace' symbol as it transcends all languages and means a lot.
2) Simple Cross Bracelet: This is just pure elegance and really cute. I would wear it at festivals, and just around town with the friends. I would also wear it at Church of course! Hehe :) 
3) Above The Knuckle RingAren't these the coolest rings ever? I first saw them on the Wavy website and fell in love! Although they are small and simple, boy do they make a statement!  I wouldn't even take these off - ever.
 What do you think of these pieces? Which one is your favourite? Remember to check out Wavy Jewellery for more beautiful treasures!



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