Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Question Wednesday: Hair Edition!

A note from Joelle...
I feel like I haven't done a 'QWED' in ages, due to moving and lots of work. So apologies for that! Anyway, I am totally up for this week's discussion: HAIR! 
                                                                                             ♫ ♪ Hair - Hair Tribe
- What is your natural hair colour? Are you happy with it?
My natural hair color is  dark brown, so dark brown that it's practically black (just like Nykki!). I am not as happy as i used to be with it because it goes copper/red when exposed to heat and then no longer matched my black hair extensions. Having black/brown/red hair is not as cool as it sounds - trust me!
- Do you dye your hair? If yes then do you do it yourself or go to a salon?
The product that I use to 'relax' my hair has a built-in dye that just gave my hair a more even black tint. It does not last long though. As my hair is pretty textured, I never dye it as I would look silly with lighter hair. (I'm not Rihanna or Beyonce!).
- What is your must have hair care product? 
I love my hair curlers, which an old friend gave to me for my 13th birthday. They have been faithful to me ever since and I only curl my hair with those curlers. Product-wise, I really like the Palm Olive range. It's great for African descent hair and smells nicer that other products.
- What is the worst hair care product that you have ever used?
I don't put that much product in my hair, but this one sheen oil/serum thing was a complete nightmare and I couldn't get the weird oil to wash out! Ewww. 
- Do you have any good tips or home-made recipes for long and pretty hair?
I am still in need of natural long hair, so if anyone has any good tips for African decent hair...LET ME KNOW!
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