Sunday, 12 August 2012

Good Blogger Etiquette in 10 Steps

A note from Joelle...
Before we begin, I am writing this post from what I have seen in the bloggersphere over the last two years. I am aware that not all of you will agree with me, but hey, you can't please everybody.
You don't have to abide by these rules or anything, but it would be nice if you read it - you may pick up some good tips! :)
  1. Source photos or ideas that are not yours - I am the biggest culprit of this as I always forget. But I promise from this day onwards, I will put a little link reading 'source' on every photo that is not mine.
  2. Do not write 'follow me back' on a comment - I think every blogger will agree that this is possibly the most annoying comment to get on a post. A blogger will follow your blog if they like your content and will probably just ignore your comment if you type irrelevant stuff.
  3. Actually read other blogger's blog posts - A great way to gain new followers  and blog views is by interaction and social activeness. Leaving nice comments on other blogs is a great confidence boost to the author and hey, you might even get a reply!
  4. Leave your link on comments - I LOVE it when bloggers leave their links on my post comments a I like to see the unique blogger names. This is different from just writing 'follow me back' because 
  5. Take your labels list seriously - This is a great way of finding a good post on a blog. So, make sure to add tags and labels to your posts.
  6. De-clutter your blog - I had to do this recently as I had way too many links/buttons/pictures on my right-hand column. This is distracting to readers and they may not stay on your blog for long if it's not clear and well structured.
  7. Show variety - If you are a single topic blogger (e.g. fashion or beauty), that's OK, however a holiday fashion post or a post on a more personal level will let readers get to know the girl/guy behind the blog!
  8. Be careful what you say - Some people forget that even if you delete something on the internet, it remains on the web for eternity, even if you can no longer see it. This means that any raunchy photos,   abusive comments/opinions and general ill-manners can be found and will come back to bite you in the future! So, don't do anything that you will regret.
  9. Consider removing CAPTCHA from your blog - This is the infamous 'spam' detector and it really does put people off putting comment on blogs if they have this. It just takes extra effort to fill out the numbers and letters and I just lose interest altogether. To get ride of it: Settings>Posts and Comments>Show Word Verification>Click 'no'>Save.
  10. DO. NOT. TROLL. - If you do not like a blogger and/or their content KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF! Trolling is not only wrong, but it also counts as cyber-bullying (even if you do it once!) and you could get caught and charged. You are not invisible on the internet as your IP address can be found by everyone, including the authorities. Remember, freedom of speech involves speaking not typing on a keyboard. Just be considerate.


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