Thursday, 2 August 2012

Baroque 'n' Roll

A note from Joelle...
Mine are from this ebay store. ONLY £6.99!!

Hi everyone!
I have been raving about a certain pair of sunglasses for a few weeks (as seen on twitter) now and I am proud to say that I NOW HAVE A PAIR!!!
These sunglasses are unique because of their huge circular oversized (very Jackie O-esque!) frame and also the minimalistic curved arms of the sunglasses! How amazing do they look? I have never seen anything like this and now they are all over the glossy magazines.
These are 'Baroque' sunglasses and were first seen on the Prada catwalk this year. I also saw a pair in THIS Andrea's Choice video, a started searching for my own pair soon after - a bargain-priced pair of course!
The Prada version seems to be a big hit with the celebrities, but the Prada-inspired ones are still brilliant. The Para frames are priced at around £210 and can be found HERE.
Kelly Rowland

Kourtney Kardashian

They definitely add that touch of retro-class to an outfit, and seem to fit all head shapes!
What do you think of these sunglasses? 



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