Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Jewellery Storage (On A Budget!)

A note from Joelle...
I had to find a new (temporary) way of storing my necklaces and sunnies now that I live away from home and can't take all my trinket boxes with me. I was browsing on Pinterest for inspiration and came across a lovely picture of some necklaces stored on a pin-board, held up by vintage doorknobs. 
I really liked this idea, but had to use teeny message-board pins instead of lovely vintage doorknobs (thus is student life!) The pins are all colour-coded red, white and blue for the Union Jack!!!
It's such a shame that I didn't bring a lot of jewellery up here, but I definitely brought the most eclectic pieces with me. This storage isn't bad for a fashionista on a bugest, eh? :)
My two pairs of sunglasses now simply hang from the two longest necklace chains - pretty easy storage technique!
Here are some pictures! What do you think?

Aztec Collar - Primark
Spike Necklace - Kukee
Gold Chain - Kukee
Moustache Necklace - Forever 21
Sunglasses Necklace - Ruby Rocks at The Clothes Show Live
(real) Harmonica Necklace - Vintage store in Yorkshire  (Xmas present)
(real) Magnifying Glass Necklace - Eclectic Eccentricity
Apple-core Necklace (cut off from photo - sorry!) Accessorize
'J' Scrabble Necklace - Jellybutton Jewellery
Birdcage Necklace - Accessorize



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