Friday, 31 August 2012

Burger & Lobster

A note from Joelle...
I think I will let the pictures do most of the talking in this post!
After reading loads and loads of reviews of this restaurant, I decided to give it a go with my sister as a post-theatre treat. We went to the Mayfair branch as it was closer and slowly sauntered down Clarges Street wondering where everyone was! The road was too quiet for 5pm on a Wednesday for our liking. With that said, The Burger and Lobster was buzzing with happy faces, cocktails and people wearing silly bibs.

The low-down: There are 3 things on the menu - burger (a titanic stack of beef patty, salad, cheese and bacon, held together with a brioche bun and a cute burger flag), lobster (1 whole steamed lobster with fries, salad and melted garlic butter) and a lobster bun ( lobster meat mixed with mayo in a brioche sub roll).

The price: £20 for the lot - all 3 choices are the same price which is really good! Drinks are a bit pricey, but hey, this is Mayfair after all. No reservations are needed - just turn up with your friends and have a ball!
We were seated within seconds and were made to feel very welcome by our lovely waitress for the evening. I ordered a (very classy) pint of Japanese beer and my sister went for a rather odd bitter, which she did not like.
We both ordered the lobster (steamed then grilled to perfection), that came with melted garlic butter, fries and a warm salad. The salad was divine - toasted croutons resting on parmesan, caramelised onions, rocket and lettuce. 

The only teeny bit of criticism I would say is that the tables are really small, especially the ones facing against the wall. I was forever dropping bits of salad on the floor and nearly elbowed the woman next to me when using my cutlery. But that is the only negative - seriously, even the toilets were nice!
Top  - Primark
Maxi - Rare Fashion
Bag - ASOS
Bangles - Republic
Necklace - Primark
I cannot recommend this place enough. The food is great, at atmosphere is wonderful and it is great value for your money. If Mayfair is too far away from you, they have opened another branch in Soho due to popular demand.
So grab some girlfriends and head down to the Burger and Lobster for a fantastic foodie experience! There is no need to be shy - bibs and moist towelettes are provided for the messy eaters! Seriously, I saw businessmen in fine suits roll up their sleeves, don their bibs and dig in - it was a wonderful sight.
For more info on the Burger and Lobster click HERE.


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