Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Topshop Wishlist

A note from Joelle...
Click on the numbers below to take you to each item's link!
1: Ditsy floral shorts are just so summery and fresh this season. Love it!
2:For some reason I have been wearing quite a lot of black this season. The light hem style makes this dress less simple and  more floaty.
3: It's a bit  late in the season for prom dresses, but I cut the style of this one. Such a simple cut , yet the sequins make it stand out.
4: I am a huge fan of playsuits. This on is only £10 and I love the motel print.
5: From THIS post, it is clear that I LOVE cobalt blue. It is my favourite colour and it stands out so well. 
6: I have finally jumped on the studded shoe bandwagon. I took my time, but I'm there! These nude pumps are lovely and adds that tiny bit of feminine sparkle to an outfit.
7: How cute are these studs? I saw them and instantly thought 'awwwwww'!
8: I current do not own a bralet, but this one looks wonderful. I would style it with disco pants or a black maxi skirt, with long chained necklace.
9: I need to branch out and buy some lighter coloured polishes such as this one. I have seen that you only need about two coats of this particular polish, which is really good; seeing as it's a really light blue.


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