Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bollywood Babes

A note from Joelle...
On a warm Monday night in late August, I went to  Miss A's (one of my best friend's) birthday party. I had not seen her in absolute ages and was really, really excited. I knew there would be amazing food (which there was!) and great, colourful outfits. Everyone rose to the occasion and came in Bollywood-themed attire, which was incredible.
It was Bollywood themed, which has to be the best theme for a party EVER! We had awesome Banghra music blasting from the speakers, bindi jewels for our foreheads, henna tattoos, traditional East-Asian attire and loads more. There was even a bouncy castle!
As you can see from the photos, I went all-out with my outfit and had a brilliant time with my friends.
Miss J, Miss H and I

Delicious mango yoghurt drink
Whacking the piñata!
My finished tattoo!

My dress was tailor-made from a shop in Tooting and my Baroque leggings are from Boohoo (£8).


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