Friday, 7 September 2012

What I’d Take On A Trip To Egypt With easyJet Holidays

A note from Joelle...
This is what I’d take for a trip to Egypt with easyJet Holidays.
Whether you are seeing the ancient pyramids or sunning yourself in the Sharm el Sheik, these pieces are great for a short trip to Egypt!
                                                     ♫ ♪ Night Boat To Cairo - Madness


Pharaoh pendant  -£40.00
Yellow Sandals - £12.99
ASOS Ikat Backpack  - £32.00
                                                       Arizona Neutral Satchel - £9.50


Sandals - £24
Little Extras:
Ring - £3.99
Animal Print Dress  - £12.99
                                                       Portobello Large Uj Notebook - £7.00


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