Friday, 7 September 2012

Limited Edition 'Pink Bubbly' Vaseline

A note from Joelle...
There is about to be a huge wave of beauty bloggers posting about the exact same product... Get ready!
This is the newest 'flavour' of Vaseline lip balm and boy, did it sell like hot cakes in the Oxford St. Selfridges last night! At £3.49 a tin, this is not the regular dry lip saviour, but instead now a luxury (and also limited) edition. What makes this special ( and a teeny bit more expensive is the Champagne grape extract that the petroleum jelly has been enriched in (oooo'er!). 
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So, does it actually do it's job as a lip balm? YES! Believe it or not, I find it less oily on my lips than the other flavours and my chapped lips do feel smoother. The only downside is that the pink rose-coloured tint does not show on your lips - which I thought it would. Oh well.
It is worth your £3.49? YES! It's a limited edition that will only be out for a short time. Keep your lips fabulous at all times with this new Vaseline and experience the smoother lips for yourself!


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