Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Giveaway! NOW CLOSED

A note from Joelle...

This giveaway isn't really about reaching a milestone, I would just like to treat all my lovely readers to a lovely piece form my new favourite vintage boutique Minimum Mouse
I spotted the vintage stall at a student event and fell in love with the quirky, vintage knitted jumpers and also the jewellery. I chose this adorable ring as the prize of my giveaway because it can be styled with so many outfits + it's just too darn cute! 
Miss Marianne who is behind the boutique ever so kindly sent me another Bird's nest ring for me to keep! So if you win, we can be ring twins! Moving swiftly on...
I also picked up two pieces from Accessorize: a 'forever' necklaces and a pearl Alice headband to add to the whimsical theme (bought ages ago!).

1x Minimum Mouse Bird's Nest Adjustable Ring
1x Accessorize Pearl Alice Headband
1x Accessorize 'Forever' Necklace

  1. You must have a real blog. Please do not create a blogger account to enter this giveaway! Your entries will not be counted!
  2. You must be following my blog via Google Friend Connect 
  3. Leave a message below with your name + surname initial and email 
  4. If you are not over 16 please ask your parents permission before entering this giveaway!
  5. This giveaway is international!
  6. The giveaway will last for 4 weeks (until the 10/10/2012) and the winner will be contacted by email within 24 hours after the giveaway ends.

And the winner is.... Claire from PinkChickClaire!!!  Congrats!!


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