Friday, 14 September 2012

Style File #6: Rosie Fortescue

A note from Joelle...
No questions asked - this woman knows how to dress. She is mostly famous for the reality show 'Made In Chelsea', but she is also a blogger and animal charity patron. Find her blog HERE!
This Chelsea girl is known on the show for mainly wearing dark/burnt colours, but every know-and-then she offers a vibrant burst of contrasting block colours in her outfit when out and about.
Here, Rosie looked lovely in sleek straight trousers, silk blouse and Prada handbag as attended Voice of Women Awards. This is my favourite look of hers!
Rosie mixed shiny black leather with burnt orange 
Rosie wears elegant pastels and floral here patent Prada bag. Cheska Hull ( also from MIC) mixes floral and black leather.

So what do you think of Rosie's style? Let me know below!

Turns out Rosie likes the post! YAY!


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