Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Emergency Night Out Beauty Kit!

A note from Joelle...
Have you ever stumbled into a nightclub and saw that you (or your friend) were looking a bit rough?  Did you see messy hair, bruises, patchy make-up or even a ripped dress?
If the answer is 'yes' to any of these then you should really be carrying an emergency beauty kit in your clutch... You will thank me later!
                             ♫ ♪New In Town - Little Boots

Cotton pads - to remove smeared makeup
Lip Balm - No one like cracked lips!
Gum/mints - You are on a night out, 'nuff said,
Compact mirror - in case the bathroom mirror is occupied by other girls (always is)
Spare sanitary pads/tampons - I don't really need to explain this one. But your friend might also be in need so it's great to carry a few!
Plasters - In case you get blisters from your heels! Also, in case you get stepped on from someone in high heels, ouuuuuch!
Extra Hairbands - To re-invent your messy do in the bathroom
Blotting paper - These little paper beauties are excellent. They remove shine/ and oil from your face in one sweep! Mine are £1.50 (for 50 sheets) from ELF.
Hair grips/Cotton buds - To neaten you hair and to patch up your eye makeup!
Perfume Sample - Because it's impossible to take the full bottle with you, right?
*I missed out safety-pins in the photo... They are lifesaving when your dress tears or you bra clasps fail you! We've all been there, right gals? ;)
*A reliable taxi cab number will be really good in this kit too!!
Now, I know that fitting all of this  into a clubbing clutch is really hear. The good thing is that oversized envelope clutch bags are in this season! So you have NO EXCUSE YOUNG LADY! ;)


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