Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trip To China (Back In '09)

A note from Joelle...
Happy Halloween everyone!
Today I was looking back at an old journal of mine and looked at what I wrote three years ago today. I had just touched down at Heathrow after a miserable 12 hour plane journey from Beijing with a splitting headache and my school teacher really angry at me and my group of friends at the time. I totally cringe when I remember all the stuff that happened on that trip, but it was a really memorable place and I would love to go back one day!
And anyway, who can say they walked on the Great Wall of China at just 15 years old and in Uggs? 
I did write a blog post about my time in China three years ago, but that blog no longer exists. So here is a brand new collage of my time there. 
All of these photos were taken by me, if you were wondering!
Myself and S standing on the closest place to Heaven (in Chinese folklore)! This was at The Temple of Heaven.

I,S,B and I on the Great Wall!
Making friends with a school student called Theresa

We travelled to Beijing, Xi'an (and other places that I cannot remember the name of). I remember seeing the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, The Terracotta Warriors, The Great Wall, pearl and jade factories and  many more! If you ever get the opportunity to go, GO!! 


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