Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Next 'London' Fragrance

A note from Joelle...
A much as I love my signature floral Caharel 'Anais Anais' scent, I went to Next to pick up the 'Fashion Week' fragrances, which is not their official name, I just call them that. The new fragrance set is Paris, Milan, New York and London of course. This automatically made me think of the Fashion Week cities!
I tried the Paris scent first - wasn't too keen on it at all.
Then New York - not for me.
Then Milan - hmmm, I like this... but the taste got in my mouth and put me off it.
Naturally, I went with 'London' as the tester sample in the store smelt heavenly and I could see other shoppers around me coming closer to get a better whiff of it. 
The box reads... 'A fresh floral composition with citrus bursts, evolving to a powdery musky base. An eclectic aroma evoking a sense if individuality and creativity.' Ooo-er! 
But it's true - the aroma is sensational and just for £8 for 50ml? I was very happy indeed! 
The main ingredients are lychee, peony rose and musk cedar-wood  - wonderful blend, I must say. I have never smelt anything like this. My Anais Anais might be a thing of the past now!
What I will say, however, is that you only require one or two sprays of this on yourself. Any more and it is a tad overpowering for the people sitting next to you! (I found that out during a lecture!)
So next time you are in Next, why not head over the the fragrance section and try this out?


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