Saturday, 27 October 2012

Barratts Competiton w/ Terri Lowe

A note from Joelle...
You guys know that I'm as total sucker for competitions and getting creative! The main prize is a £70 giveaway and to win, bloggers must go on Barratts’ website and choose a selection of shoes they would buy! The second prize is a £30 Rafflecopter giveaway! Cool right?
Check out the competition info on Hello Terri Lowe 's blog.

1.Ruby Rocks Knitted Cowboy Boots - Dark tanned leather boots look great on everyone and these ones have kitted prints! It add a bit more 'pizazz' to the boot and it look so cosy and autumnal.

2. Odeon Platform Court Shoes - You guys already know that I am in love with cobalt blue! My picture of these shoes do not do it justice, so click the link! Every girl needs a vibrant-coloured heel to stand out at an event. And you can never go wring with platform heels!

3. Ankle Strap Party Sandals - I am really into heeled sandals at the moment, as I saw people at all the Fashion Weeks parading gracefully around in them. They are also really popular for A/W trends on the red carpet at the moment! How do they keep their toes warm in the UK weather? Haha!

4. Chain Trim Slipper Pumps - Slipper pumps are everywhere at the moment and they look so classy. I have a pair on studded ones from Primark, but these look great with the golden chain across it. 



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