Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Celebrity Bloggers

A note from Joelle...
I think It's great that some well-known faces from the TV are getting more and more social media savvy. It's a great way for them to showcase what they get up to and showcase their passion for beauty, fashion, design  on a different platform.
I have selected five of my favourite celebrity bloggers below. Be inspired!
Rosie Fortescue  at  At Fashion Forte
- Rosie started her fashion and art blog back in May 2011 and features weekly updates from her chic Made In Chelsea wardrobe. I featured her style in my Style File section last month, which you should totes check out by the way!
I really like how she mixes high street and designer pieces together to make a sleek and well-structured outfit. 
Her style is quite androgynous (lost of trousers and sharply-cut jackets) with a feminine twist (often through her accessories such as Liliyang or Prada handbag).

Oliver Proudlock  at Proudlock Style 
- Also from Made In Chelsea, Oliver Proudlock is an artist and blogger with some serious style. After finishing an art degree in Newcastle, he set up a  luxury T-shirt label called Serge DeNimes.
His style is a hybrid of casual-urban, with almost cheeky hints of classical gentlemen (just look at his neatly combed hair!!!!), which goes really well.
I am really glad that more male fashion bloggers are coming through, as this industry is totally female-dominated. As I have three sisters, I have no clue about male fashion, but boy, it looks interesting!

Lauren Conrad at  The Beauty Department 
- This is one of my favourite blogs, and I never new that Lauren Conrad was behind it! I first found it more that a year ago when I was searching the web for a blueberry boy-bait recipe, and lo and behold... I found this amazing tutorial blog. As much as I love the Youtube beauty vloggers, I tend to go to this website more for the nail, hair and make-up tutorials.
Lauren does not run it alone however! Fashion and beauty gurus Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine are also contributers.
Lauren also has her own personal blog over at laurenconrad.com!

The Courtin-Clarins Girls at Beauty Flash Blog 
-These four French Cousins (Virginie, Claire, Prisca and Jenna) are the face behind the cosmetic brand Clarins. They are the granddaughters of the founder of the cosmetic line, Jacques Courtin-Clarins and are the 'It-Girls' of the French fashion scene.
They fuse both beauty and elegant Parisian fashion together  and can always match your skin type with a Clarins product. Their blog offers beauty tutorials, current celebrity trends and also bits and bobs from their busy schedules. C'est très chic!

Ashley Madekwe at Ashley Ring My Bell 
 - Ashley is an English actress best know for playing Ashley Davenport in Revenge. Her blog focuses on her unique style and has been raved about by Vogue, ASOS, Look Magazine and more! Over the past couple onf months, her readers have grown to over 10 thousand and she shows no sign of slowing down!

Do you follow any celebrity blogs or now of any more? Let me know below!


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