Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Camden Town

A note from Joelle...
♫ ♪ Camden Town - Suggs  ♫ ♪ NW5 - Madness NW5 is a postcode in Camden, by the way.
A few weeks back I took a trip into Camden with two of my besties, A and H. It felt so good to be back in London, but that day it was colder than Northern Scotland. And of course, me being an idiot, I decided to wear shorts! At least my sister's  vibrant puffy jacket kept me from freezing to death!
Vintage markets are the best place to try out your haggling skills - I have definitely improved since the last time I was in Camden. It must be the cold Scottish air that has toughened me up a bit!
For those who are not familiar with Camden town, it is a really vibrant and creative place: a great haven and hangout for goths, punks and vintage-lovers. It is also  the birthplace/residence of many British artists, musicians, actors such as (Amy Winehouse, Madness, Alan Bennett, Dylan Thomas and N Dubz). The music scene is great. You may have heard of the famous KOKO club and the Electric Ballroom. 
Admiring the pretty pocket watches
So cute!
We met the loveliest man on this stall. He even gave me a student discount on my scarf!
Beautiful trinkets and jewellery by the Camden lock
Our new rings from the market - we got great bargains as we bought them near the stall closing time!
Photos by the amazing Hannah. Find her twitter here and Pinterest here!
Have you been to Camden? What do you love about vintage markets?


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