Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sneak Peek At My Week!

A note from Joelle...

001 - I made Toad In the Hole for the first time at university! Ooooh, it was good! So glad I'm not one of those Pot Noodle kids!
002 - I got a tattoo.. okay a fake one, but why? What happened to my plan of getting a real one last month? All will be revealed in a post later this month! It the infinity symbol on my wrist, not the number 8!!
003 - LONDON TOWN! I travelled back home for the weekend and caught up with two of my besties! Here's a picture from across the Thames.
004 - My new 'Motcomb Street' polish by Nails Inc. LOVE IT!
005 - I am in way over my head with university work..get it? ;)
006 - Gorgeous earrings from a Camden market stall. The Lovely lady running that stall was so nice.
007 - Friends reunited at last!
008 - Somerset House - home to London Fashion Week and the new Tim Walker exhibition
009 - Cross section of my giant raspberry macron in PAUL Bakery on The Strand. They are my favourite thing to get from PAUL. In the Summer, they have macaron frappés! Beautiful!


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