Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tim Walker At Somerset House

A note from Joelle...
On Saturday, myself and two of my best friends rocked up to Somerset house to see the new Tim Walker exhibition. For those who are unfamiliar with his work, Tim is a British fashion photographer, highly known and respected in the industry. If you read Vogue, then you are bound to have come across his work (very extravagant and whimsical romance).
The 'Storyteller' exhibition is supported by Mulberry (wow!) and some pictures feature some well-know faces. I remember seeing Tilda Swinton, Helena Bonham-Carter, Scarlet Johansson, Ian McEllen, Kate Moss, Karen Elson, Alexander McQueen and many more in the photos!
When you walk in, it's as if the East Wing of Somerset House has become a wonderland! I saw a swan-shaped boat, a room filled with sand, a giant snail on the ceiling, insects playing stringed instruments, a plane crash and an eight-foot doll at the exit! Not the mention the beautiful quotes, commentaries and  annotations by Walker himself all over the walls.
I wish I could show you some photos from the inside, but a staff member shouted at me for trying to take photos! :( I saw loads of people taking sneaky pics on their phones inside though, but I'm a good egg and followed the rules!
The beautiful Somerset House
The only pic I took inside!
Myself outside the exhibition
Jacket - (my sister's) ASOS Market Place
Necklace - Rare Fashion
Scarf - (bought that day from a London Market)
Top - ASOS
Shorts  - H&M
Bag - ASOS
Ankle boots - Foot Factory
These pics are from the web as no photographs are allowed inside!
As you can see, Walker is so good at fusing reality with fantasy/imagination! Pure genius.
Entry is FREE and it will be running until the 27th Jan 2013. Seriously, don't miss out on this exhibition! Also, make sure to check out the ice rink they are setting up for Christmas!


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