Thursday, 13 December 2012

Style File #7: Birdy

A note from Joelle...
                 ♫ ♪ 'People, Help The People'  - Birdy (my favourite song from her album!)
*This post was meant to go up in JULY, but I felt that I needed to find out even more about her style in order to build up a decent profile. 
Here real name is Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde and she is a 16 year-old British singer/songwriter. I bought her album last year and it is stunning! I loved her style the minute I saw the album cover! Her voice is amazing too - really mature and full of soul! 
I was watching the Burberry catwalk show (online) during London Fashion Week in September, and then the piano intro of 'People, Help The People' began to play! I was so happy because she fits in with the brand's image so well! I then heard her voice and realised she must've been singing LIVE at the show, which was brilliant!
Her style is quintessentially British, with soft colours, with bursts of busy print now-and-then. This style is actually really hard to pull of, but Birdy does it effortlessly with her natural beauty and elegance.
I can see her wearing: lace, Peter-Pan collared blouses/dresses, leather brogues and satchel bags, pleated mini-skirts and cable knitwear! You know, all the quality classically British garment. So chic, especially for Winter!
Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4. (but I made the collages)

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