Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tis The Season: December Is Here!

A note from Joelle...
   ♫ ♪ Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) - Michael Buble
Collage made my me, but pictures from weheartit
I think that December is everyone's happiest month! Not only is the anticipation of Christmas in the air, it's also time to write those resolutions and get prepared to improve yourself for the new year. Everyone is more jolly and positive in this month and it's the time for giving and saying with a smile: 'Merry Christmas' to the stranger that walks past you on the street. It's also time to remember the birth of Jesus! Without that amazing event, there would be no Christmas!!
I am looking forward to:
  1. Seeing the family all together again
  2. Seeing my friends back home
  3. Seeing the Christmas lights in London
  6. Writing my resolutions
  7. Putting up and decorating the Christmas tree (we always have a big black one!)
  8. Helping my Mama with the Christmas food
  9. Wearing my cossack hats
  10. Giving gifts and cards to the loved ones
  11. Trying my first gingerbread latte
  12. Wearing my novelty Xmas jumpers
  13. Drinking mulled wine by the gallon
What festive activities are you looking forward to?


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