Sunday, 23 December 2012

The 'Deen Scene: Offset 57 Exhibition

A note from Joelle...
For the next few years while I am up in Aberdeen, I will be letting you all know about the cool events going on in the city. I've called this feature 'The 'Deen Scene' and will keep you posted on my whereabouts! When I fist got here in June, I honestly thought that it could never match up to the bright lights of London. I thought the events and city life would be awful - I am glad to say that I was wrong!
So, I will include music, art, culture and dining in the feature so I hope you enjoy this post and the future 'Deen Scene goodness! 

In late November, a friend and I rocked up to an art exhibition at the Academy Shopping Centre. This is a pop-up exhibition run by the Robert Gordon University students, and will be on show until the end of December.
The exhibition has taken over two shop spaces and is crammed with shaped cardboard, art doodles on the wall (that you can contribute to!) and visual motion picture art. As I went on the launch night, there was plenty of alcohol and a DJ (who played the most random music - ever). 
Right, on to the art: It was all right - not to sure about the cardboard bit-and-bobs to be honest. I loved the jewellery and even picked up the business cards of the designers  They were kitsch and retro, which I am really fascinated in. The handmade Christmas cards and T-shirts that are on sale incredible as well! It is easy to see how passionate and creative the students are.

I have to admit, the reception was cold and a bit chaotic - there was no real structure to the event, which was a tad bit odd. I felt a bit out of place, as I came as a blogger and not an art student. People were standing and having a chat in the entrance and refused to let my friend and I through or even acknowledged our presence! Then I realised that all the students were dressed the same: the arty student look with the oversized jumpers, red lippy, hair either back-combed or in top ballerina bun, etc. As chic as they all looked, I did not appreciated the odd stares at my choice of attire: just a simple blue jumper and leggings! 
I realised that the art scene is incredible cliquey and odd from this point on. It was like being at high school all over again, so we only stayed for about 45 minuets, then left to get food!

Overall, I did enjoy the artwork on display - the jewellery the most. I even took some business cards so I could remember the names. More work needs to go into presentation and social awareness however, as visitors that were not members of the art department were not made to feel welcome. With that said, this is a great exhibition and the artists are very talented. 


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