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Make-Up Brush 101

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I don't know about you girls, but up until last year, I was still a bit clueless about make up brushes! I hardly ever wear make-up except mascara and a bit of lip balm (how am I a blogger?), but I still buy brushed for the foundations, concealers, eye-shadows and blushers that are rapidly gathering dust in my drawer.
  Which ones do I  use where? How often do I need to clean them? When do I need to replace them? If you were like me and are still a bit miffed, then look no further.... I have come up with a help guide below!!

1. Foundation Brush - In my opinion, the heaviest of all the brushes I own, as it is made from a more dense hair than other brushes. This is to help it keep its shape as it is used all over the face and neck.
2. Blusher Brush - The slightly angular shape helps of put the accent and colour into your cheek apples.
3. Powder/ Blusher Brush - This is usually made from really soft hairs that feel fine on the skin.
4. Eye-shadow Brush - Specially designed to smooth the shadow over out eyelid creases. Smudge foam wedges/brushes are really great too for the smoky-eye effect.
5. Eyebrow/Eyelash Brush - I love this litter beauty Not only does it get rid of clumps in mascara, the brush is great for taming the brows in just one (or two) sweep!
6. Lip Brush - I own two of these, but they are a bit pointless as I only wear lip balm and not lipstick. I may step out of my comfort zone soon and finally use them!
7. Angled Contour Brush - This is used to fill in the eye-shadow in the creases of your eyelids. 
8. Smudge Brush - This is the brush you need if you want to create a really good smoky eye effect.
9. Mascara Wand - A clean mascara wand is essential! Not only is it great for removing clumps of mascara, it's good for cleaning lashes and separating them more.
10. Fan Brush - This is used to remove excess powder from you face but can also be used to apply a thin layer of loose powder! I need to get one of these bad-boys!
11. Lip-liner Brush - This is a really thin and fine brush for the thin line on your lips
Happy brushing!
What is on a make-up brush?
 - Dead skin cells
 - General dust/dirt
 - oils from your face and make-up products
 - Nasty bacteria that can lead to spots!

How often do I need to clean them? When do I need to replace them?

  • It is ideal to clean them when you first buy them, regardless of them being from a sealed packet
  • Foundation brushes - every day! But a minimum of once a week if you do not have time
  • Pressed powder/ Blusher brushes - Once a week
  • Eye-shadow brushes - every three days
  • Eyeliner/ eyelash combs/brushes - After every use
All should ideally be replaced after six months!

To me this sounded a bit excessive, but I realised that my skin being rid of bacteria and dirt would be ideal.

How should we clean the brushes?
  1. Wet the hairs in the brushes in warm water, stroking the hairs down in order to prevent water getting in the metal seal of the brush.
  2. Cleanse the hairs in a soft conditioner/shampoo or mild soap, squeezing the hairs to get rid of dirt and debris.
  3. Keep doing this until the brush no longer squeezes out coloured liquid and runs clear.
  4. Let the brush completely dry on a paper towel before use!
The best brushes...
Obviously all the beauty bloggers are raving about SephoraLaura Mercier, MACSigma and Benefit brushes. But if you are a student (like me) and cannot always afford these, then BootsELF and eBay do have some great sets that will make your wallet happy.

Care to share any make-up brush tips of you own? Let me know below!

Good cleansers...

BeautySoClean - £5.55
MAC UK - £9.00
Bare Minerals - £9.80


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