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A note from Joelle...
Below is a monthly break-down of my year. I have summarised all the highs (and lows) of 2012. It is completely honest and uncensored. I would love to know what you think!
JAN: Trying haggis for the first time in Harrods|FEB: My 18th birthday| MAR:Making Oreo truffles|APR: Mt Etna erupting| MAY: Diamond Jubilee| JUN: Moving away from home| JUL: New friends at uni| AUG: Supporting Team GB in the Olympics| SEPT: Meeting Jo Elvin| OCT: View from beach| NOV: Magazine Launch| DEC: Christmas!

I promised myself that this year would be different from all the others. I would not let myself be walked over any more and would not take any crap from anyone. With that said, I wanted to make this the year where I help people get closer to their dreams/goals. Even if I wasn't that close of a friend with them or they didn't want me help, I wanted to to realise their true potential and give them a little push in the right direction.
That sounds like a really odd thing to do, but that's just me, I guess! 
At the beginning of this year I just wanted to get through the last few months of Sixth form college and leave. I spent more time working in the library than I did seeing my friends and that did affect my relationships with people. I found it really hard to revise and new that I had to ace these exams if I wanted a place at uni. Even though I got all 5 university offers, I was still really worried that I was not good enough.

I celebrated the first year of my blog on the 7th, which, being me, I completely forgot!
I also turned the milestone age of 18 at the end of the month, which felt amazing. It turns out that I share my birthday with Elizabeth Taylor and er... Peter Andre!
I got my January exam results and got ABC. I had to retake the C in June and also retake all of AS music modules. I then had to sit my Grade 8 flute exam, which I was not ready for (I was very ill!). 
I went to Sicily on a geography school trip. It was amazing and I got to spend time with people outside my normal friendship group. It was here that realised that I did make the right decision choosing geology as my university degree. OH, and Mount Etna erupted while we were on it... just a casual thing!
My mum texted me in the Sicilian airport to say that I passed my Grade 8 flute exam! I was so happy to finally achieve that after almost a decade of playing the flute!
I also went to my first ever blogger event. It was the Very DeeVee blogger event, where I met the coolest bloggers around plus the Very team and Miss Diana Vickers herself!  I did miss a lesson at college for it, but it was so worth it!
Not much happened in this month to be honest with you. It was the Diamond Jubilee and everyone seemed to be more patriotic and just happier. It seemed like old tensions between religions, races and lifestyles were forgotten for a while.

This was the most difficult moth of my life this year. Not only did the thought of failing my final A Level Summer exams loom over me, a day after my final exam I moved to Scotland. I hardly got to see my friends from college/school and had to leave straight away. On the plane flying over Northern Scotland, it looked bleak, really grey and wet. I was right about the rain, but people were so much more friendly up there than in the south of England. 
I met my five flatmates and started lectures. Despite the weather, I really loved the beginning of the university experience.
So much stuff happened this month, but I'll keep it sort and sweet: it did not start off great as I was hit in the face but a drunken wasteman and my head missed a concrete step by about an inch. It was an accident, but the little prick never apologised to me and my friend. I confronted him about 5 minutes before the term ended and said I forgave him. He looked embarrassed ans stunned, which I found very entertaining! Thank God my hair extensions cushioned the fall and my friends looked after me! After that, myself and a friend were completely alienated from our 'friends' because they didn't want us to report the guy. But as I don't take any crap from anyone, we did it anyway and fought back, mainly with kindness. The thing is: people like that think they are so cool and hard and they try to belittle and scare people who think are weaker than them. 
To cut a long story short, the foul-mouthed ringleader of this little group lost all her friends and became the subject of ridicule as everyone turned against her. At the beginning I couldn't give a shit because she was a nightmare to live with, but then I felt sorry for her and started to kill her with kindness - that completely destroyed her; always does with people like that!
This month, I worked tirelessly to complete all my work and hopefully get into my first choice university. I GOT IN! That meant that I could get rid of my Keele offer and finally study where I really wanted to go in Scotland. I was really happy, but ready to come home to London. It was sad to know that some awesome people I met over the last three months would not be joining me in September, but I knew that we would stay in touch.
It was good to know that I already knew people at university, so I wouldn't be a total loner during the first few weeks. Fresher's Week was amazing and I joined lot of societies (which I didn't know I had to pay for!). As for my flatmates, they are really cool girls. We are all from different countries, which I think is awesome. I am so lucky to be living with people that I like, lots of my other friends have had a few difficulties with their this term!
I'm not going to lie, this month was such a blur. It was my first full month in uni, and I LOVED it! People on my courses, accommodation and societies were all awesome. I went out write a bit but always seemed to manage to make it into my 9am lectures on time.
I'm sure I'm missing lots of stuff, but I honestly do not remember this month very well!
I was in way over my head with assessments, essays, reports, practicals and class tests - I honestly wanted to give up and go home. Two of my course module were boring the hell out of me, so I hardly went to those lectures in this month.
I came home for my little sister's birthday and spent time in London with two of my best friends. We went to see the Tim Walker Exhibition and it was amazing. I then stayed up to watch the Jenny Packham Bridal Show and I honestly fell in love with all of them.
The build up to the holidays was the only thing getting me through the hard work I think!
I also launched my first issue of TruffleDust Magazine - just a little mini-mag for bloggers about everything from fashion to lifestyle and blogger interviews. It was well received  but I will be making LOTS of changed for the next issue in January 2013.
I had a few more uni tests to do and became exempt from sitting two January Exams! YES! It is such a relief, that I now only have two exams to sit in the new year. My journey down to London from Northern Scotland was around 8 hours, but I LOVED the journey on the train.
I have spent the majority of this month back in London, surrounded by friends and family. It has been brilliant and really fun. 
The lead up to Christmas and Christmas Day was so good. And now I can't wait for new year's! 
I am so excited for what 2013 has to offer! So raise a glass to the New Year, I hope it's even more amazing than this year!
Now over to you! If you have a similar round up of your year or any things that have made your year, please use the #My2012 tag on twitter to show your stuff! I'm at @joelle_o if you want to send your link to me.
I want to RT them all! 
Happy New Year! :)


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