Monday, 27 February 2012


A note from Joelle...

Hi guys,
It is my 18th birthday today and I feel so old! I got some lovely gifts including clothes, designer cosmetics, CDs, books and jewellery and am really thankful. This year I am having a really chilled-out birthday as to some that I have had in the past! (It  must be the old age!)
Although the weather is not at it's best today, I'm really happy and really appreciate the luvin' today! :)
I will do a birthday haul in my next post, so STAY TUNED!! 

it's the city of love that waits for you



Friday, 24 February 2012

Read All About It:Newspaper Nail TUTORIAL

A note from Joelle...

This nail art looks so amazing and it is so easy to do. I first saw it on With Love, Freckles blog and became obsessed with it! When I did it for the first time back in September, many people (mainly from college) asked me how I managed to do this, so here it is!

WARNING: You do need quite a steady hand and a bit of patience. This also requires the use of surgical spirit which is highly flammable and will cause severe pain if pit on open wounds of cuts.

You will need:
  • A matte white nail varnish (you can use any light colour, but white looks the most authentic!)
  • Clear top coat nail varnish
  • Bottle of surgical spirit
  • Cotton buds
  • Tissues (for spillages)
  • News paper cuttings ( about10 strips)
1. Paint your nails with the white nail varnish. This is the base coat.

2. Allow to dry for about 30 mins (this is important) to make sure it won't rub off when spirit is applied
3. When nails are completely dry, dip a cotton bud in surgical spirit and dab over one nail first

4. Whilst nail is wet, place a newspaper strip (ink side down) onto the nail a press down hard for 10 seconds

5. Slowly remove the news paper strip and the newspaper print should now be printed on the nail

6. Continue one at a time until all your nails have the print
7. Allow to dry for about 5 minutes
8.Then brush on a top coat of clear polish et viola! 
So what do you think? Will you be trying this? :)
*Apologies for the dodgy camera quality! I hope you can see it clear enough.

    Saturday, 18 February 2012

    15th Century Glamour: Baroque Print

    A note from Joelle...

    If you haven't heard of this already, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Basically, this style of print was really prominent on silk scarves and even on some bags from the 70s to the 90s, and then it just died out (I guess because it looked kind of crazy) when more abstract and subtler came back on the shelves.
    I think that they will look good on scarves, skirts and on leggings in the Summer months, but only if the rest of the outfit is kept simple (if you get what I mean!)
    If backed by shoppers, this print could be as popular and floral and Aztec prints in no time!
    Right now, New Look and Motel Rocks are leading the way when it comes to the Baroque trend! Check out what they have to offer below!
    New Look:
    Pink Pattern (Pink) Scarf Print Chiffon Front Tee | 248292579 | New LookBlack Pattern (Black) Baroque Print Tube Skirt | 249495409 | New LookRed Pattern (Red) Influence Baroque Print Bodycon Dress | 249887669 | New Look

    Motel Rocks:

    So what do you think of Baroque print and will you be wearing it this summer? YAY or NAY? 

    Sunday, 12 February 2012

    Birthday Wishlist 2012

    A note from Joelle...
    OK guys, So I am reaching my first real landmark birthday, which is 18!!! (On 27th Feb!) The stuff on my wishlist may seem a tad bit odd for most of you fashion-crazy bloggers out there - but hey, everyone is different right? :) 
    Brass Squares necklace from Hannah Zakari
    Baroque Cabosh necklace from Hannah Zakari
    Kitchen Hero recipe book by Irish beauty Donal Skehan
    Pea green BEG vintage bicycle
    Mama Mia West End tickets (I LOVE ABBA)
    Stag Ring

    Colour block body-con skirt from
    What can I say? I love rocks!
      Il Vlo album (I am currently obsessed with them!)
    Photo 1 of SAFFI Mary Jane Platform Shoes
    Black platform Mary Janes from Topshop
    PS - The chances are that I won't be getting many of these this year! But it's good to blog about your birthday, right? :)
    I'm not picky at all! Haha!


    Saturday, 11 February 2012

    Cobalt Blue

    A note from Joelle...
    Hi y'all! I realised that I never post any picture of myself and my clothes on here (although it's meant to be a fashion blog!), so I thought I'd share this with you.
    Cobalt blue is one  of my favourite colours as it's a mix of royal and neon blue. I was casually web browsing and found this colour everywhere! (Even in All Saints which only every really do greys, whites and blacks).
    To be honest, it's best to mix a cobalt blue item of clothing with other colours, as it will look odd if you are dressed completely head-to-toe in cobalt blue (an really overpowering!). 
    As you can see in the photos below, I took no notice of this ;)

    Dress: Bought from eBay but originally from Missguided
    Leather Clutch Bag: bought as a present in year 8, from Claire's Accessories
    Black ribbon: random bit of ribbon that I found lying about

    What do you think of this colour? Let me know below :)

    Wednesday, 8 February 2012

    Accent Nail Trend

    A not from Joelle...
    I first heard about the accent nail trend when I visited Lauren Conrad's site The Beauty Department. This site is  a great archive of hair, make up, fashion and other bits and bobs from LC and her two other co-writers! You have to check it out if you haven't been on the site!
    The trend is basically painting your ring finger a totally different colour to your other nails. Here are some from the site:

    Here are my attempts:

    For this look, I used 'Metal Madness' and 'Glitter Glam' from E.L.F

    So what do you think of the Accent Nail Trend? Will you be trying it out this season?
    PS ~ there is still time to enter my first ever giveaway! Click HERE for more info :)

    Sunday, 5 February 2012

    Quote of the Week!

    A note from Joelle...

    Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them. ~ Orison Swett Marden


    Wednesday, 1 February 2012


    A note from Joelle...

    OK, so obviously I am really happy that it's the star of February because it's my favourite month!
    It might have something to do with my Birthday being in this month, but it's also to do with Fashion Week/end, Valentine's Day, Pancake Day (even better) and leap years!
    To be honest, February is such a weird and a bit random month - it's just a shame that it's the shortest month :(

    Is anyone else looking forward to this month?



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