Monday, 30 July 2012

Dove Shea Butter Lotion Review

A note from Joelle...
It's time that my blog included more beauty product reviews, so here it goes!

  • Price: £3.99 from Tesco £5.50 in ASDA and £3.82 from Boots
  • What It Does: This lotion by Dove softens and nourishes dry skin. It has a rich smell of cocoa (nice and chocolatey) and keeps the skin smooth throughout the day.
  • My Opinion: I really like this product as it actually does what it says on the bottle, which is excellent. The only drawback is that it sometimes feels heavy on the skin (especially the face) in the sunshine and makes my face go really shiny. This is a lotion that works best in the cold winter months!
  • The Verdict: I cannot rave about this product enough. The luscious smell of the cocoa lasts on your skin for many hours and I feel that my dry skin is nourished. It is a reasonable price for the amount that you get and the bottle is very large compared to other lotions around at the moment.
  • Rating: 9/10

Friday, 27 July 2012

LONDON Calling - 2012 Olympic Games: I'm Ready. Are you?

A note from Joelle...
I know I have posted more than I usually do this week, but I'm just so excited that the Olympics are being held in my city!!!
This is the collage of photos taken taken with my trusted camera through the streets of London from over the years. It's a great city to live/work in and I am so glad that the eyes of the world will be able to see that starting from tomorrow night!
So sit back, sip some tea and have a look at these photos!
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London...

Painting the town RED, WHITE and BLUE!
 *All photos accept form the first top at the top left are from may camera. Please ask me before you share them online/pin them :)
As I now live in Scotland, I am nowhere near the Games. But at least I have the internet so I can watch the opening ceremony! Phew!
Be prepared for a spectacular show from Danny Boyle and the Team GB production team
Where will YOU be watching the 2012 Games? Let me know below! :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Style File #5 Azealia Banks

A note from Joelle...
I feel like I'm doing this feature in a weird six degrees of separation cycle. I have just realised that all the actors/style icons (except Emma Stone) I have posted about are all linked:
Chloe Moretz was in a film with Eddie Redmayne. Eddie Redmayne fronted the Burberry campaign with Cara Delevigne. And now Cara is really good friends with none other than rainbow-haired rapper Azealia Banks! Phew, that was complicated!
Anyway, I really like Az Banks. Yes some of the lyrics are a bit risqué, but you can't help but love her cute smile and nod your head to the beat of '212'.
I have noticed that she likes knitted children's jumpers, short denim shorts, strips and bralet tops.


What do you think of these pieces?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Living in Scotland: The Update

A note from Joelle...
                                     ♫ ♪ Go - Livingston
I have been here for six weeks and a lot has happened: some good some really bad. However, I am enjoying the little rays of sunshine today and hope that everyone is too where ever you are!
So far I have tried black pudding for breakfast (which is the best thing ever),  seen traditional Scottish weddings, bought some tartan material (although my school uniform back home was a kilt!)learnt the local lingo ('Ned' means 'Chav') and also got a grip of a variety of Scottish accents.
It's just like England: people from the north have completely different accents from people from the southern areas, and I can now hear the difference! 
I still need to take a day or two out of the week and learn more about Scottish history. I only know bits about it, but it's mainly from the English historical point of view.
Now here's what's happened so far...
If I am very honest, the last two weeks have been really hard for me. I had a few days where I was really homesick and just didn't want to interact with anyone, and then I got really ill with a cold and and horrible headache. The rain and general greyness really did not help and I just felt like I should give up and go back to England. It also did not help that I felt that a few people that I have met here do not have the nicest personalties and are pretty mean for no reason. I do not like to argue with people, so I just steer clear of them and only speak to them when really necessary - that's the only way to avoid clashing characters around here! I only unleash my 'inner-London-urban-angry-girl' personality when it's really needed, and that's not a pretty sight!
The thing is with me is that I never admit defeat. Sometimes that's a really good thing to do, other times it's really foolish of me, as sometimes I am in the wrong (it's rare, just kidding!). I thought that I had admitted defeat two weeks ago when I booked an emergency trip home to see the loved ones and spend some time eating home-cooked meals for three days. But I realised that there is nothing wrong with leaving temporarily if you miss your friends and family - it's not defeat at all.
When I was back down in London, I met up with family and friends, got a good night's sleep and ate some bloody good food! I didn't feel better instantly, but I was much happier to be home. The sun was also shining, which was a bonus! I didn't see much of my sisters as they had not finished school yet and the other moved countries as soon as I got back home.
My friends were really supportive of me going to live in another country all on my own and made me remember that we all have different goals and we almost always get obstacles from helping us achieve them (well that's how I interpreted what they said - they're not amazing philosophers or anything like that!)
When the three days were up, I flew back to Scotland refreshed and ready to just get on with my work and ignore the people that were making life difficult. Although I was still quite ill and needed more rest, I just pressed on with my assignments and I definitely began to feel better!
As of today, I am in really good spirits. It has been a lazy Sunday in my flat and me and my flatmates have just done our work and lounged about not doing much. Tomorrow is the start of a brand new week and I am so close to reaching my goals!
To end on a happy note, I really do like it up here and hope to explore more parts of the country if I choose to stay and study here over the next few years. I need to see that castles, lochs, etc and just be a nerdy tourist! Anyone want to come with me? ;)

Well thanks for reading this, it wasn't the easiest post to write bit I was honest! Oh, an I promise to put up some photos of places that I have been in Scotland. That's if you don't mind the cheesy touristy photos! :)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer Wishlist

A note from Joelle...
So what's on your Summer wishlist?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Kooky Jewellery from Kukee! HAUL

A note from Joelle...
I've just about managed to get my head around this Haul thing, as it's really popular with YouTube Vloggers and some fashion bloggers.
If you follow me on Twitter, then you will know that I am completely obsessed with Kukee - an amazing online jewellery boutique with fabulous pieces are bargain prices!
What I ordered:
The Spike Earrings

The Mutli-spike necklace - I just had to have one. They add a tiny bit of feminine grunge to an outfit and literally EVERY blogger has written fashion posts about them, so I couldn't resist.

The Star Ear CuffIf you read my post a few months ago on earring cuffs, you will know that I am a bog fan. They add so much kookiness to an outfit and always look cool. This one does not have a chain attached and fits right on top of the ear.

 Summer Rings Set - These rings are no only a total bargain, but they come in such amazing colours and can be stacked on easily. I never wear band rings but that is about to change!

Crucifix Earrings - *Cheeky ordering gift from Kukee! I was actually going to buy them anyway as I a a big fan of wearing crosses at the moment. These earrings are hollowed out and feel lovely and light on the ear.

The Golden 'Gangster Chain' - I have been looking all over the web for a chain like this. I just think they look great and can make a plain outfit come to life! This is more of a choker than a long chain and would go well with sheer blouses and camis.

What do you think of my brand new Kukee jewellery? Make sure to pay them a visit!!


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