Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013!

A note from Joelle...
I think we all need a pat on the back from surviving the end of the world this December. We have finally made it into 2013 and I know that it will be the best year yet!
As for my blog, well it will hit the ripe old age of TWO! It feels great that I have kept at it for as long as I have. I've met some great bloggers along the way and I can't wait to meet more in the New Year.
As for blogging resolutions... I have LOADS:

 - Make more use of other platforms (e.g. Pinterest, Hellocotton and BlogLovin')
 - Create a monthly editorial calendar to organise posts
 - Attend more meet-ups and blogger events
 - Hand out my new business cards!
- Start to wear makeup: I know, an odd resolution, but I feel it's time that I spruced my boring look up a bit and ditch the lip balm/mascara only look
 - LEARN HTML CODING! This is getting beyond ridiculous now. I struggle so much, but this year, I say 'No more!'
 - Create better quality photos
 - Have a play with GIFs and moving pictures
 - Write more beauty reviews
 - De-clutter my blog! This means making it easier to navigate, better colours
 - Host a blog sale! I have so many jewellery and beauty products that I haven't even opened. I know there will be lots of people who would like them, but I never seem to be able to let go.
 - Write more personal style posts!!
 - Reach 1000 followers on the blog and twitter - that would be insaaaaaane!
                                           ... and many more!
For normal resolution, I am still yet to figure them out! What are yours? I need help writing mine!
HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for 2013!!


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