Thursday, 24 January 2013

Highland Territory

A note from Joelle...
I have  never really followed fashion trends as much as I have been doing these past couple of months. I see tots of bloggers say they 'never follow trends', but I really don't mind them as it is all about your personal styling choices at the end of the day and how you can take modal pieces and incorporate them into your look.
 The high-street shops are usually in sync with the magazines until the fashion mish-mash catastrophe that is the Sale season in December/January! 
I recently wrote about Highland fashion in the November issue of TruffleDust Magazine (a free online mag for bloggers!) You can get tartan scarves, coats, shoes, bags and dresses at the moment and it is a trend that I think will continue into the February!
As you probably know, I am living in Scotland, so in my ignorance I expected to see people rocking the tartan print all the time... NO! There are cute kilt shops though, that I saunter past at the weekends. The patterns and colours you can get are amazing! It reminds me of the kilt I wore back in secondary school. 
Any way, I bought this Primark shirt for £9 and am completely in love with it!
How would I style it? With spikes and leather of course! Leather leggings are also from Primark, black leather riding boots from New Look and spike necklace is from Kukee.

                                                  How would you style this top? :)


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